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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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right here in milwaukee, we'll be hosting a town hall with donald trump. if you want to be part of the audience just go to donald trump coming out swinging, accusing president obama and secretary hillary clinton of bungling the fight against terrorism. trump's list of what's been bungled is long, libya, iraq, syria, paris, nice, germany plus that's not at all. san bernardino the nightclub in and san bernardino. listen to what trump said today in ohio. >> the trump administration will establish a clear principle that will govern all decisions pertaining to immigration and we will be tough. and we will be even extreme. we should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our
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people in the cold war we had an ideological screening test. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. and these are problems like we have never had before. [cheers and applause] one of my first acts as president will be to establish a commission on radical islam. which will include reformist voices in the muslim community who will hopefully work with us. we want to build bridges and erase divisions. the goal of the commission will be to identify and explain to the american public the core convictions and beliefs of radical
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islam, to identify the warning signs of radicalization and to expose the networks in our society that support radicalization. we will also keep open guantanamo bay and place a renewed emphasis on human intelligence. [ applause ] drone strikes will remain part of our strategy but we will also seek to capture high valued targets to gain needed information to dismantle their organizations. we will defeat radical islamic terrorism just as we have defeated every threat we have faced at every age and before. but we will not, we will not remember, this defeat it with closed eyes or silenced voices. we have a president that doesn't want to say the words. anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead our
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country. >> former florida congressman lieutenant colonel alan west goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta, how are you? >> very well this was billed in part as a speech that would lay out donald trump's plan to destroy isis. are you satisfied with his speech? did you get that information? >> well, i think one of the most important things you have to do is not have such a narrow focus. i think you have to look at this globally. what i would have recommended to mr. trump is that you sit down and look at what we call the geographic areas of responsibility. european command, pacific command african command and southern command and here in the continental united states of america. what you at the present time do is apply the four elements of national power which is called the dime theory. diplomatic, informational. to those geographic regions to talk about your strategy to dee dee feet those in those regions. when we try to narrow this focus down to just isis we
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miss out on the global jihadi issue that we have. that's where donald trump could have done a little bit better. this whole thing about a commission on islam. you have a national security council. that's the job of the president, the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, and the national security advisor. so we don't really need to have another commission. >> all right. so you don't like the commission. you wanted more details on his speech. so are you telling me that you are not satisfied with it or did you get some information? as you listened to it today, do you have a greater sense of what he is going to do about isis if he is elected president? >> well, i think you have to be very fair and understand you are talking to someone that spent 22 years active duty military service and even after that 2. a years in afghanistan training their forces and also spent a couple years on the house armed services committee. i'm kind of privy to a little bit more of a strategic decision-making process. what i would recommend for mr. trump is to sit down with major general bob scales who used to be the commandant of the national war college and really
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understand strategic level decision-making, especially when, as i said, you relate that dime theory. those elements of national power. >> well, i assume that he has got some military advisor. i think general flynn is advising him. i assume he has some military people advising him. would you have wanted them to supply him with more details to lay out how he is going to destroy isis? >> well, i think that if you sit down with someone like a general scales who has been part of the academic environment that can talk about strategic impairives. you know, for instance, i would say there are four critical strategic impairives to defeat the global jihad, sanctuary. cut off flow of man material and resource support. you have to also win that operations war and delegitimizing their idealogue and cordon them off and not allow them to that as it size and metastasize and spread
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across the many different nations. he did talk about the 18 chasings where isis has a presence. you have to talk about this greater movement. general flynn is without a doubt one of the foremost military experts in intelligence gathering and processes and procedures. i think he is a very helpful asset to have. i think general scales can help him in fine tuning his strategic vision when it comes to national security. >> and i didn't mean by suggesting general flynn to take anything from general scales. in fact, i will tell you, i will give you a little tip. he has a new book coming out next month i just saw it an advance copy. anyway, that's my tip. colonel west, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me, greta. >> in today'sç speech donald trump talked isis. >> overseas, isis has carried out an sloot atrocity and one after another. children slaughtered, girls sold into slavery. men and women burned alive. crucifixions, beheadings and drownings, ethnic minorities targeted for mass execution.
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holy sights desecrated. christians general from their homes and hunted for extermination. isis rounding up what it calls nation of the cross, nation of the cross in a campaign of sloot -- absolute and total genocide. we cannot let this evil continue. the rise of isis is the direct result of policy decisions made by president obama and secretary of state clinton. >> former navy seal lee babin goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. good to be with you. >> nice to have you. in listening to donald trump's speech today about isis's foreign policy, were you satisfied with they laid out information that tells you what he would do if he is president? >> what i liked about his speech today is that he
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acknowledged the threat. and we talk about this with leadership all the time. requires -- successful leadership requires brutally honest assessment of yourself, of your team, and certainly of your adversary. and in this case there is no way under the obama administration and certainly hillary clinton would continue that if you deny who your enemies are that they are even a threat and try to gloss them over with talking points or spin them to your political advantage. we will never solve that. it was very refreshing to see him acknowledge the nature and seriousness of the threat. >> you know, there weren't many details but, you know, i'm not sure i was looking for details from either one of them because i don't know if you can lay out details about your military action. at least i don't know if you can, you know, in great detail. i think you have to give your ideology your theory. give sort of your general positions. some people may be dissatisfied that he didn't say, you know, more details. i don't expect that from either one of them. do you? >> i certainly didn't hear any details today but i
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think you are right. i mean, i don't think -- i think we have put out way too much doe tail over the last 8 years or so of the obama administration. and that's unnecessary. i think we can talk in general talking points and the reality is, this is not that hard of an enemy to defeat. it requires some u.s. troops involved. but we have got some outstanding military leadership on the ground in iraq and syria today that can make this happen. all we have to do is tell them we need to you win. you tell me what you need to win. give them what they need and they will get it done. >> well, is it not more complicated because at first when it was just in syria, it was a different target. as it sort of metastasized around the world into all these sort of cells, hasn't it become a little different enemy or different strategy to try to kill them? because, you know, it has metastasized. >> it certainly has metastasized, greta but that's only because we allowed it to do so. had we taken the necessary steps to destroy isis two years ago, we have have
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absolutely done that. when they call themselves al qaeda in iraq. they were on the verge of defeat. and we can very easily do that we just have to give our military folks the power to do so. >> leaf, thank you. >> thank you. >> the failures in iraq were compounded by hillary clinton's disaster, total disaster in libya. with one episode of bad judgment after another, hillary clinton's policies launched isis on two the world stage. incident after incident proves again and again, hillary clinton lacks the judgment as said by bernie sanders, stability and temperament and the moral character to lead our nation. she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many
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adversaries we face. not only in terrorism but in trade and every other challenge we must confront to turn our great country around. [cheers and applause] >> senate minority leader harry reid calling out donald trump. senator reid releasing a statement that reads in part. since donald trump wants to impose new tests on immigrants he should take the one test every immigrant has to pass to become a united states citizen. he would almost certainly fail given his general ignorance and grasp about american history prince tell pells and functioning of our government. the fact is that donald trump is nothing more than a spoiled economic drain on society who has helped no one. the "on the record" political panel is here matt pfizer from "the washington post abby phillips. matt, let's first talk about senator harry reid couldn't stop himself from hurling insults but it's part of the political game these days. >> although it should be said the test, i was curious about this before coming on so i took the test or went
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on and took sample questions. it's not that complicated or not that hard. i am happy to report that i passed with flying colors. it's basic sort of knowledge of it. it's a dig at donald trump. but, you know, having him pass that test, i don't think, would be that difficult. senate minority leader couldn't contain himself. it's the slap. >> never been one to hold back. >> never been one to hold back. >> yeah. i think this is -- you saw this one coming a mile away, right? from the time that we heard that this was going to be part of the proposal, democrats on twitter were all over the place talking about the naturalization test and even khan, the gold star father who got in the sort of spat with donald trump also reiterated that he didn't think donald trump could pass it. you know, i think it's to be expected for democrats to make the point that this kind of test is one that maybe donald trump couldn't pass. maybe many americans couldn't pass. >> i suspect there is a lot of americans could pass it
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contrary to matt. even though matt passed it. very proud of you by the way is he a backtrack? a lot of people have said he is off track. today whether you agree with him or not it was pretty much policy oriented. >> it was. it was odd seeing him in this context. he was so sort of laid back and subdued. his voice would rise when the crowd would applaud and you sort of see the donald trump that i think we although. but it was disconnect in watching him. he did ad-lib at one point the extreme investigating was not in his prepared remarks. that's one of the more notable lines from the speech is trump going off script from the teleprompter. >> let's see what the viewers think at home. viewers, now is your chance to vote at home on twitter is trump's campaign off track? tweet yes off track or no, not off track using #greta. we will show you your live twitter votes throughout the show. abby, your thoughts, is he on track? back on track? whether one agrees with him or not? >> the test is always what happens when he is no longer on the stage reading from the teleprompter.
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we have seen this several times in the last few months. is he capable of doing exactly what he did today. pretty effectively. and, also, you know, he mixes in his little touches but it's all about what happens tomorrow and the day after. can he prosecute this case against clinton and against barack obama? and there are also some things that this speech didn't entirely accomplish and we heard that from allen west earlier. it didn't necessarily demonstrate that he had a broad base of knowledge about the overall situation as far as national security is concerned. it was about isis pretty clearly. but it wasn't about a lot of other things. he still needs to kind of make that case that's not just about the plan but it's also about competency as well. >> matt and abby, thank you both. >> thank you. >> could congressional republicans be handed a secret weapon against secretary hillary clinton. that's next. also, ryan lochte one of american's most decorated olympians robbed at
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uo-oh. more email headaches for secretary hillary clinton. congress could get hands on fbi file of investigation into secretary clinton's emails. fox news chief intelligence correspondent kathleen herrige is here. catherine? >> greta, our sources tell us that portions of this fbi file may be with the government oversight committee on the house side as early as wednesday and one of the primary documents seeking what's called a 302. the fbi does not routinely record interviews. they rely on the agent's
11:19 pm
notes to summarize what happened during the interview. and that's what would be provided to the congressional investigation. >> the 302 is the finished report. >> that's correct. >> we have to get in criminal law in the courtroom. but the notes that give rise to it as they are sitting there talking -- >> -- they are asking for the notes as well. >> they're going to get those notes as well. who has asked for them and why? >> the house government oversight committee. they want to understand the sort of factual basis for the fbi's director, which was recommending against pursuing a criminal prosecution. one of the kind of flies in the ointment here is that this document, the 302 is highly classified. it's at the top secret, sensitive compartmented level. that's one of the highest level of classification. >> that's because of its content? >> that's correct. >> 302 is the content of this particular one? >> that's right. they talked with mrs. clinton, the fbi questioned her about her handling of these 22 top secret emails that are too danging to make public even
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with sections entirely blacked out. >> i don't understand that, why they are making this classified. first of all it's been hacked in maybe possibly. they can talk about these emails as to what her answers were. answers why he is a server in the basement. what she knew about the server. what she knew about notifications and markings on had these documents none of that is classified. >> it may be and i don't want to speculate too far here and give people bad information. but it may be a case where that 302, the fbi summary is heavily redacted because of the classification issues. you know, as well as inelse once you start blacking out entire sections of a report, especially with this case, this lends itself to a lot of speculation as to what was the true motivation. even if it's just simply a classification issue. >> well, maybe they can find someone on the committee who has quote -- can read that kind of classified information. >> i'm not sure there is anyone -- because it's compartmented information, you have to have a special read on. now we are getting super technical.
11:21 pm
unfortunately, like everything in this case, it's just not that straightforward. >> pulling teeth for information. >> one term for it. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> now wisconsin congressman sean duffy goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. how are you doing? >> good. what could you make of these records, this 302 which is just a form the fbi has but it contains the notes from the interview with secretary clinton? >> well, i think what it is going to do is going to allow we in congress to analyze what actually hillary clinton said to the fbi and be able to compare it to what she said publicly in regard to her home brew server. my thought though pause i think the fbi something honest and straightforward in this investigation and with the american people, i think the department of justice will be less so and they are looking at these documents, i think per the report, they are going to try to redact and slow walk the delivery of this report to congress. frankly, we have access to classified information, but i don't think they want us to have it because, listen, this perpetuates the story of hillary clinton's
11:22 pm
corruption and dishonesty with the american people. >> is there any thought on the committee, because i will tell you what i first got suspicious of when i heard you wanted the notes to compare what she said under oath on capitol hill, i was suspicious that the committee was looking to see whether or not to make a referral the justice department and end run the fbi and do a referral for a criminal investigation. >> we heard jason chaffetz on the committee tell the fbi, listen, we are going to refer it to you and it has been referred. so they are going to look at the statements that were made under oath to congress and compare that to the statements that were made to the fbi. but this, again, i mean, keeps this story alive in the minds of the american people about hillary clinton looking out for herself and trying to secure her emails that were really owned buy the american people in the state department. she should try to keep those secret so we didn't have access to them through foia requests. >> is she keeping it alive because i think she would probably like it to go away or is it -- congress asking for the notes that sort of
11:23 pm
keeping it alive, at least for the moment? i wouldn't be talking about it tonight, you know, about it except for the fact that congress has said we want to see the notes. >> well, listen, she wants to be the commander and chief. she wants to be the most powerful person in the world. i think the american people have a right to know. what did you do with your home brew server? what did you know about sensitive and secret information on that server that you are transmitting to other sources and other people that some of our worst enemies would have access to? i think if you want to be the commander and chief of the united states of america, the american people should know that background and history on what you did as secretary of state. >> i will give you the question i want to know. i want to know why did your lawyers go through the emails, delete 30,000 of them knowing congress had wanted them instead of trying to preserve them for later discussion about them? that's what i would want to know, especially when they only looked at the header. anyway, that's my thought. i want to know why the lawyers did that. >> they told us they read all of the emails and they did not. you know what? i think we have a right to know and we will find out
11:24 pm
when they deliver that information. >> i have got some questions on that destruction. but just questions. anyway, congressman, the house oversight committee just releasing this video titled were hillary clinton's statements false? >> nothing was marked classified at the time i sent or received it. >> it's also important to say something about the marking of classified information. we have a very small number of the emails here containing markings that indicated the presence of classified information. even if information is not marked classified in an email, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it. >> but i'm asking how it was done. did someone physically look at the 62,000 emails or did you use search terms, dates? parameters? i want to know the specifics. >> they did all of that. they also went through every single email. >> lawyers doing the sorting for secretary clinton in
11:25 pm
2014, did not individually read the content of all of her emails as we did available to us. >> you can see that entire house ad on tell me. this what was the purpose of the motive for creating that video? what did the committee do it and why did the committee release that video? >> first off, it's pretty damning showing the public staples that she made and the truth that came out from director comby. i think what the committee is doing here is trying to expose. the committee on oversight exposing the differences between the statements that hillary clinton made and the truth behind what director comey told the american people. but here is what i think is fascinating, greta. this is important stuff that every voter should know about before they go to the ballot box. and if you look at what the media does, they want to focus on donald trump and some off handed remark that he might make on the campaign stump. and they brush these stories aside whether it's the server, the corruption between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. allowing donors from the state department to get
11:26 pm
access to the board on nuclear weapons. i mean, this is pay for play scandals that i think the american people should know about. and i think what's important to note is both of them have problems. both of them are not the most likeable candidates we have had in our american history. but, the media needs to do a job where they expose both negatives on both of these folks and frankly they like to focus on donald trump and not tell the story on hillary clinton. and i think that's a real problem and a disservice to the american people who need to make a decision in november about hot next commander and chief should be. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> have a good one, greta. >> and violent protests the past two nights in milwaukee, wisconsin. are they expecting more trouble tonight and how bad? sheriff david clarke is here next. what if a company that didn't make cars made plastics that make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who.
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violence exploding in milwaukee, wisconsin. right now police are breaking for a third night of dangerous protests. riots erupting the past two nights in response to a police shooting of a unarmed black man. shots rang out in three different locations and seven police officers injured. tonight there is a 10:00 p.m. curfew. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> how are you doing, greta? >> i'm fine. i know you have trouble out there though, sheriff. tell me what you are expecting tonight. >> well, first of all, this curfew put by the mayor is a little misleading. first of all there is already a curfew every night of the week for people under the age of 18. it's at 11:00. so he moves it back to 10:00 which is not going to help. we are having a big problem
11:31 pm
with rowdy juveniles after the sun goes down after dark sets in. so, that doesn't really help. but, you know, that's kind of what we get from mayor barrett. here's the problem. the people think that a police shooting causes riots. it's an igniter but it doesn't cause riots. the social order collapsed in milwaukee saturday night. that led to tribal behavior. tribal behavior leads to the rule of law being placed by the law of the jungle. that's what we are seeing in these riots here. looting. gunshots, indiscriminate gunshots, rioting, arson, so on and so forth. milwaukee would be a case study in how damaging progressive liberal policies have been to the city of milwaukee. they have created an under class here. we have entrenched poverty in the city of milwaukee. we have failing schools. woe have dysfunctional families, broken homes.
11:32 pm
we have massive up employment. we have questionable lifestyle choices. those are the inagreed cents. i said back in ferguson, this could be any urban area in america. not just ferguson. the same pathologies brought on by the growth of the welfare state which leads to government dependency. then all of a sudden when people get frustrated and they do and they get angry and then you have a flash point like a police shooting and then things erupt. until this city, tom barrett and the political class, a liberal democrat political class addresses these urban pathologies this stuff is going to happen every time there is a police shooting and happen in other cities across america as we have seen. >> you know, what enrages me on top of a lot of reasons to be enraged is this: all these politicians have gotten money from the federal government, whether it's to fix schools or to try to help with some of these social ailments of unemployment and everything. and they have failed so demon scrabblably. the failure has been so incredible. then whether you have these
11:33 pm
flash points and something erupts. what do we do? we send the police. in now all of a sudden the police get blamed about whatever the problem is the police, their job is not to take care of these social problems that create these fertile environments for all these problems. i tip my hat to the police and i think it's very disappointing these local politicians going back generations and what a mess they have made of these cities. >> well, they are already asking for federal money right now. that call has already been put out. they exploit these situations like this to ask for federal mope, to ask for state money. the state money does come in. the federal money comes. in but as you mentioned, greta, nothing changes, money never reaches the poor who are living life at the bottom. it goes to special interest here. what happened to the 1 trillion-dollar stimulus package that was designed for urban reconstruction in the other day jesse jackson said not enough money is being spent on urban reconstruction. and i had to laugh. i literally laughed. i said where did the
11:34 pm
stimulus money go. you should call president obama and ask him. where did that money go? why didn't it reach those at the bottom of the rung. that's the question that needs to be asked. this isn't about money. they have created a welfare state here. they want status quo they meaning this progressive movement. it's not synonymous with milwaukee. you look at any other urban area with the ghetto, chicago, philadelphia, baltimore, and other cities, it's the same thing. and then the police think, like you said, come along, have to do what they have to do and then all of a sudden it's the fault of the police. we are working on the wrong thing. this is pathetic. i'm from milwaukee and it sickens me. >> sheriff, thank you very much for joining us and good luck tonight. i know when the sun goes down there the risk rises tonight. anyway, sheriff, thank you. >> thank you. >> and "on the record's" griff jenkins and ted williams are both on the ground investigating on the streets of milwaukee. >> greta, city leaders, many in this community and certainly law enforcement are bracing for what they
11:35 pm
hope will not be a repeat of last night's violence which saw 14 arrests. 8 officers injured. a car torched. ted and i were investigating. take a look. [siren] >> a second night of dangerous protests in milwaukee. now, the city is bracing for night number 3. the protests starting peacefully but suddenly turning violent. >> they set the squad car on fire. shooting at the police. >> stores looted. cars set on fire. concrete and rocks hurled at police. >> we have moved our position, ted, we were between the police and the protesters. can you see the police coming in because rocks are being thrown. something is being thrown over our head. >> yes, griff. this demonstration is now escalated and less than peaceful demonstration. >> eight officers injured just last night bringing itto as injured in two days.
11:36 pm
>> one down. yea. >> you cannot control a mob and what we have out here tonight at this time is a mob. >> i'm on the ground investigating with ted williams and suddenly there is gunfire. >> for gunfire. >> get back, get back. get back. >> and as a result of that gunfire, greta, an 18-year-old white male was shot in the neck. his identity and condition not known at this time. the curfew as you mentioned is in effect. and governor walker just a while ago announcing 26 additional patrol units on the ground here, greta? >> ted, why is this horrible looting happening? what is going -- i mean, we have got these fires. we have got looting. i mean, what's your thought on this? >> greta, it's just an excuse to -- i mean, for
11:37 pm
injustice within this neighborhood. i have talked to numerous elderly people in this neighborhood who will no longer be able to use this bp gas station over my shoulder here. the reason this is happening is because you have got a lot of thugs out here who decided that they wanted to burn down their own neighborhood. and i have got to tell you, greta. the black people in this neighborhood, good black people are saying why are you burning down our neighborhood? we need these businesses. >> and, of course, we saw that remember in baltimore we saw that drugstore that was burned to the ground and looted like. it was looted and burned. and that was what provided medicine to a lot of people in the community. anyway, ted, griff, thank you. and be safe out there tonight. and why is the u.s. sailor using secretary hillary clinton as a defense in court? that's next. plus, u.s. olympian ryan lochte robbed at gunpoint.
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you will hear from lochte in just m
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a u.s. sailor who pleaded guilty to taking classified photos is using secretary hillary clinton for a defense. he pleaded guilty to using a cell phone to take photos in a classified engine room of a nuclear submarine. he faces up to 10 years in prison but his lawyer says he should not go to prison. why? because secretary hillary clinton had 110 classified emails on her private server but did not face any charges. former prosecutor katie phang goes "on the record." good evening, katy. >> good evening. >> all right, so tell me what, katie, what's your thought on this sailor? >> well, let's be frank, we're not comparing apples to apples here. i get it. hillary rodham clinton she deletes 32,000 emails. she has 110 of them classified top secret or of that ilk. this guy took six photos of the interior of a nuclear
11:43 pm
submarine. it's dangerous it does expose the united states. here is the bottom line. he never attempted to transmit them. the worse thing he did, greta is he destroyed the cell phone and then he destroyed the laptop computer that he had stored them. upon interview -- upon being interviewed by the federal government officials i said look, i was saving them to show them to my kids and my grand kids. is that a federal offense? well, yes, according to the united states attorney's office. the department of justice, he did exactly that he committed a felony and he is looking up to 10 years in federal prison. >> all right. you are right. these are not identical by any means but they're a little bit instructive and people do look for some sort of semblance of equitable treatment. in thin stance, the fact that he destroyed his laptop and destroyed the cell phone that was enormously suspicious. but then, of course, i'm sure the response would be well secretary clinton's lawyers knowing that the emails respected, they went through them and they took the 32,000 or whatever. they didn't try to preserve them. they destroyed them. and you got classified on
11:44 pm
both sides. what do you say to the sailor tonight who is facing this time when you say look, your case is different than secretary clinton? what do you say to make him feel pert about the fact that he is facing all this time? >> i have great news for this naval officer christian. the federal judge who has this case stephan underhill. he was a 1999 appointee to the federal bench. just this year in january of 2016, he wrote an op-ed for the "new york times" where he bemoaned the fact that he sentenced a federal inmate to 18 years in prison and he regretted that decision. he says that there should be a law passed by congress that allows defendants that are in federal prison to allow one bite at the apple to reduce sentences for good behavior. if you look at the job the defense has done in this case in sentencing memorandum people have done worse and they have gotten probation where they are looking for christian. i think when this judge he is going it get probation.
11:45 pm
all>> all right. so his best luck tonight is he has a judge that might be favorable predissupposed to him. all right, katie, we will see what sentence he gets. deadly flooding in parts of the country. many rescued. one dramatic rescue you need to see t
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this is a fox news alert. deadly flooding in louisiana forcing thousands of people from their homes. the catastrophic flooding already claiming at least six lives. in some neighborhoods almost entirely swallowed up by the raging floodwaters. fox new orleans reporter rod is live in den no, ma'am -- denim springs, louisiana. what's the latest. >> this is the main stretch through this city right here. we heard earlier that the
11:50 pm
vast majority of homes in this area took on some sort of flood water. you can see as folks continue to ford this water. this is obviously a wild situation to see here as people continue to walk through the water. we have seen several people with boats and high trucks trying to get through. the biggest concern right now is that the water is going to continue to flow southward below i-12 and continue on toward i-10 and that could cause some problems for other folks in the area. now, right now, i-12 is completely shut down from baton rouge to hammond, has he a large stretch at least 40 miles of the interstate that have been shut down. you can take a look right here. scope of everything that they are dealing with right here in louisiana. obviously it will be a long road to recovery for the folks here outside of baton rouge. >> you know, rob,m3 terrible looking at these pictures. it's just stunning to believe that this could happen. the people down there, you know, i don't even know what's going to happen. their homes are all
11:51 pm
drowning. their cars, their pets. i mean, you have talked to any of the people down there? >> absolutely. a resilient people here. we spoke with just a little bit ago. he told us that he has lost everything but his motivation. he got in his truck and he started pulling people out and trying to help them as much as he could. but the folks here, we have done this before. we dealt with the floods. and they are ready to do it again. >> rob, thank you. and one woman and her dog swept up in raging floodwaters with no way to escape until rescuers jumped into action. >> i'm drowning. >> a dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> deadly flood in louisiana this car into rising waters. inside a woman and her dog. that woman screaming for help as the car nearly submerged. rescuers trying to break the window and save this woman from drowning. the car sinking deeper into the water.
11:52 pm
then suddenly, it's all the way under. rescuers david swings into action, jumps off a rescue boat risking his own life. he rips off the top of the convertible. >> i could have drowned. >> the woman frantic. dog still inside. >> oh. >> get in the boat. >> this daring and dangerous rescue becoming a regular scene in southern louisiana. for now that woman and her dog are sticking to dry ground. and so far more than 20,000 people have been rescued from floodwaters. >> u.s. olympic robbed at gunpoint. lochte and three of his teammates were held up. >> we got pulled over in our taxi and these guys came out with a badge, police badge. no lights, no nothing. just a police badge. they pulled us over.
11:53 pm
they pulled out their guns. they told the other -- get down on the ground. they got down on the ground. i refused. i was like we didn't do anything wrong. so, i'm not getting down on the ground. and this guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it and put it to my forehead and get down and i was like. i put my hands up i was like whatever. he took our money. he took my wallet. he left my cell phone and credentials. medalist 33 ryan lochte and three other members of the u.s. swim team it happened after 3:00 in the morning after a party at the french hospitality house here in rio. the four were traveling back to the olympic village in a regular public taxy. that's when they were pulled over by gunmen who were
11:54 pm
posing as police in that near brush with gunshots by lochte. the officials from brazil have have apologized to the swimmers for the incident. and already weting to see more restrictions placed on athletes and on their movement. australia has banned all of its athletes from being on the beach behind me in culpa co-bana after 6:00 a.m. more lockdowns. this country has tried to bring in 85,000 security forces here to try to keep these games safe. despite that though. athletes and officials from more than 8 countries now >> steve, thank you. and coming up, we all forgot something. and i mean all of us. i will tell you off the record. record. that's next.
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welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the tease desk. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, an op-ed tells them to give the nomination to his vp. all they are saying is give pence a chance. thank you very much. and ryan lochte is robbed during the ache games -- during the olympic games and this time not by michael fell pes and a detergent made for men. it combines two favorite activities, sexism and the separating of whites from colors.


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